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Ramona Singer And Luann De Lesseps Weigh In On Leah McSweeney And Heather Thomson’s Feud!

Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps weighed in on Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson’s fight on the upcoming thirteenth season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

 Ramona shared that she and Luann invited Heather to lunch “before we even started filming” and told her that she should join the ladies on a cast trip to the Hamptons.

“Unfortunately, she and Leah clashed [when she arrived],” Ramona told Us Weekly. “Maybe Leah was threatened by the longtime friendship that both Luann and I had with Heather. I don’t know. Well, there’s other things she was upset about that you’ll see. And they really clashed.”

Singer admitted she was “shocked” at how things played out because Leah and Heather had only “briefly” met at Dorinda Medley’s house in the Berkshires one year prior.

“I don’t like to be under Leah’s wrath it’s, like, woo! So, I did not come to Heather’s defense,” Ramona added. “I just ran the other way, saying, ‘Thank God it’s not me.’”

Meanwhile, Luann admitted that she wasn’t as surprised by the confrontation between McSweeney and Thomson.

“I wasn’t that shocked because I feel like they’re two big personalities,” she told Us Weekly. “I think that, you know, the conflict was real. You’re going to see how that plays out.”

Luann also shared that she and Thomson haven’t really been in touch since she left the series in 2015.

“We don’t see each other that often because, you know, we just kind of have different lifestyles,” Luann said. “Her children are still, like, teenagers [while] mine are out of the house and grown. She lives in the Berkshires [and] I’m in the Hamptons. It’s because of really location and different phases of one’s life.”

The news comes after sources revealed that Thomson stopped filming the series due to her feud with McSweeney.

“Heather’s popular history with the old cast and the excitement about new cast member Eboni Williams prompted production to maneuver her return,” a source told Us Weekly. “Shortly after she arrived, Leah [McSweeney] and Heather butt heads. Their exchanges got messy and included some name-calling.”

The source added that Heather was “stunned” as she “had minimal interaction” with Leah prior to season 13. While the two women crossed paths before during season 12 at Dorinda Medley’s house, their exchange at the dinner party was “uneventful,” the insider revealed.

“Heather could see Leah was acting up for the cameras and using behavior she considered demeaning and exploitative and frankly, crossed a line,” the source continued. “Heather wanted no part of Leah so after she left that weekend Heather had no interest in continuing the season at all and stopped filming.”

Bravo teased about Thomson and McSweeney’s feud in the season 13 trailer, which Bravo released last week. In the teaser, Leah appears to call Heather a “Karen.”

McSweeney seemingly addressed her feud with Thomson in a since-deleted Instagram Story in March.

“I don’t like women who slut shame other women,” she wrote. “Act morally superior to other women. Plastic surgery shame other women. Gossip about other women doing drugs when you know damn well they’ve done drugs also. And lastly I don’t like when white women call black women ‘articulate’. Especially while acting like the queen of wokeness.”

Heather appeared on RHONY for seasons 5 to 7 as a full-time cast member. She left the show in 2015 after three seasons and has appeared as a “guest” in Seasons 8-10 and 12.

McSweeney is returning for Season 13 along with Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan. They will be joined by Eboni K. Williams, who made history as the show's first official black cast member. Motivational speaker, Bershan Shaw is appearing as a “friend” for the show in season 13.


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