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Nicole Sealey Addresses Her Feud With ‘RHOCheshire’ Co-Star Lystra Adams And Shares An Update On Her Current Relationships With Ester Dee And Dawn Ward!

Nicole Sealey is opening up about her current relationships with her Real Housewives of Cheshire co-star Lystra Admas including former cast members Ester Dee and Dawn Ward.

If you recall, when Sealey joined the series back in Season 11, Nicole clashed with Ester Dee, who quit the series last season but will make several guest appearances in Season 13. So where does Nicole currently stands with Ester?

“The situation [with Ester Dee] was really closed down,” Nicole told Closer. “We said what we had to say that was really kind of resolved as far as I was concerned.”

As for her relationship with Ward, Nicole said, “Ultimately, I think it’s like anything you do,” she continued. “Things move and change in everything that you do. Dawn and I are friends, so that's not changed for me. And, you know, I had relationship outside of just filming with them.”

“It would be nice if she still was doing it and it would be great if she did, but she's going to go on to other things, but like you never know, in the future, like with anything. No one knows what's going to happen.”

Nicole and last seasons' newbie Lystra Adams clashed in Season 12 and their beef will continue to play out on the current season, which premiered last week on ITVBe.

“I think you'll find a little bit of a rollover [with the Lystra Adams situation, because stuff wasn't resolved,” Nicole told Closer. “At the time I actually didn't bring it to the table, and I had that information for quite a long time. It kind of came out organically later on. Obviously, not by me, and so I wasn't that bothered either way about what's going on there.”


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Nicole Sealey/James Rudland; ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal (3)