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Lawsuit Against Tiffany Moon’s Father-In-Law Is Dismissed!

The woman accusing Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon's family members of sexual assault has dropped her lawsuit. 

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the alleged victim, who sued in 2019 using the pseudonym Jane Doe, informed the court she will not be moving forward with the case. 

Doe's lawyer says they are notifying “the court of her intent for the above-styled lawsuit to be dismissed without prejudice to refiling, effective immediately.” 

Doe sued Tiffany’s father-in-law David and his son Sam. The Bravo reality star’s husband Daniel works as Vice President at the family company with his dad. 

In the lawsuit, Doe claims she was employed as a cart girl at the golf course owned by the Moon family. The suit accused the defendants of assault and battery. 

In court documents, Doe says David and Sam “forcibly rubbed and/or grabbed Plaintiff’s buttocks multiple times. Defendant DAVID MOON and SAM MOON performed these acts without the consent of Plaintiff.” 

In a separate lawsuit, Daniel was dragged into the case. The lawyers representing a second alleged victim wrote, “David Moon and his sons, Daniel Moon and Sam Moon, have treated women as objects of their sexual urges instead of as the women—daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers—they are. They used Coyote Ridge Golf Club as their sexual playground.”

Doe claimed the Moon family created a “Hooters-like environment” at the golf course. She accused the family of using sex to sell golf by hiring hot young women, reported Radar Online

In court documents, the alleged victim included photos of the women wearing “low-cut, tight-fitting, revealing outfits.” 

Doe, who dismissed her lawsuit, was seeking $1 million in damages. The decision for her to drop the case comes as she was attempting to depose Daniel. She wanted to grill Tiffany's husband about his father's alleged sexual assaults. 

In the suit, the plaintiff also claimed David was discriminatory when it came to hiring employees. She said the defendants only hired the “prettiest” females and managers were instructed not to hire “African-Americans” because David felt they were “no good” and that “you can’t trust them.”  

According to Radar Online, the case is now officially closed. 


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal via Heidi Gutman