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Jennifer Davis Long Shares Her Thoughts On ‘RHOD’ Season 5 Reunion Drama; Calls Out Tiffany Moon’s ‘Mean’ And ‘Vile’ Behavior While Praising Kameron Westcott & Kary Brittingham!

Jennifer Davis Long may not have attended the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 reunion, but the official friend of the series shared her thoughts on Part 1 and she seemingly threw shade at Dr. Tiffany Moon while showing her support for Kameron Westcott and Kary Brittingham.

"Live tweeting during #rhod reunion part 1. Omg. Jaw dropping, SERIOUSLY 😳," she tweeted.

Jen then revealed she was proud of Kameron Westcott for defending herself against Dr. Tiffany Moon and also praised Kary Brittingham for keeping the season "alive with her antics."

She wrote, "I am really proud of [Kameron Westcot] for standing up for herself at the reunion part 1. 
[Kary Brittingham] was so raw and vulnerable. And she kept the season alive, with her antics. Making the show about one person, or a SNOOZE fest. Part 1 was such a redemption. #rhod

Jennifer fired back after a user accused her of being a racist after praising her co-stars over drama with Dr. Moon.

She wrote, "If you think that a person's CHARACTER has anything to do with RACE...then YOU are the racist one. If I can't call out an evil person's character-without being called racist-simply because she is a different race than me---then you, calling me out is also racist."

After another user accused her of racism, Jen tweeted, "If not throwing up on camera, to the delight of Dr. Mean, is a micro aggression....then guilty as charged. This is bull shit. Total and complete horse CRAP"

Jen continued to defend herself against users who accused her of being racist simply because of her dislike for  Tiffany. She tweeted, "I might have a mean streak , a million miles wide....but I am NOT RACIST!!!!!"

While live-tweeting Part of the RHOD Season 5 reunion, Jen retweeted an article from Radar Online where Moon's father-in-law is allegedly accused of sexual assault by a former employee.

Then, Davis Long seemingly threw shade at Moon by referring to her as Mean Girls character "Regina George" and slamming her issues with her mother, which played out this season.

Jen continued to throw shade at Tiffany. She wrote, "What’s the definition of a hypocrite? Example: in a prideful way, to literally the ONLY cast member that fake likes her “I was taught to respect my elders”. What she did ALL season: disrespected her mother."

Jen then revealed why she is no longer on good terms with Dr. Moon. 

The former model and realtor tweeted, "Tiffany did help me with followers--by going live on IG and making fun of me and why I wasn't on the show--and laughed about my family situation. Laughing at a mom and three year old struggling-because her hubby had a psychotic break during filming--because [his] baby sis and dad committed suicide within a week of each other is cruel and mean. It is vile."

She continued, "A person's character, has ZERO to do with race. If you think that one, has to do with the other... YOU are RACIST."

She added, "calling out someone's cruel character has nothing to do with race. If you think it are RACIST."

What are your thoughts on Jennifer's tweeted? Do you agree with her? Sound off in the comment section below!


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