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Ester Dee Opens Up About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Glynn And Reveals That They Are Planning To Have A Promise Ceremony Where They Will Exchange Rings!

Ester Dee is opening up about her relationship with longtime boyfriend Glynn, who she has previously described as the “love of her life.”

The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star revealed that she plans to have a promise ceremony where they will exchange rings.

“I think we’re planning to have a ceremony where we will promise each other in front of God,” she told OK! UK. “I will wear a dress and exchange rings and it’ll be in a little chapel. It would be legal but not official on a piece paper but it would be in front of God, and ideally on the beach.”

“So I will have a promise ceremony.”

The 34-year-old blonde beauty admits that she doesn’t live with her partner but she told the publication that they’ve bought a three-bedroom house.

“I do have some big news,” Ester said. “Glynn and I just bought a house on the river Dee in Chester. It’s a three bedroom home.”

“We’re not going to live together, he will come and visit. I will be in Wales and in Chester. I want to be back in Cheshire because I work with Toni&Guy and they’ve got a room there for me,” she continued. “So I need to be sort of in the middle of everywhere and Chester seems to be the perfect location.”

The reality star also shared that her daughter Pear met Glynn and the two got on very well, according to Dee. In their romantic life, Ester explained that she and Glynn love to have long conversations about all sorts of topics.

“We can talk for hours and we go into each other’s brains very easily. He’s very intelligent and I like to hear more, so we have lots of intellectual talks, about politics, and we also discuss life,” she told OK! UK.

“When we’re together we like to go to beach clubs and parties, but because of lockdown we’ve been cooking at home and watching TV, she added. “We like boats too, so we would spend a day on the boat and having a little walk, or we’d have a massage together when lockdown isn’t happening.”


Photo Credit: Courtesy via Ester Dee/Instagram