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Meghan King Says She’ll Feel ‘Free’ And ‘Scared’ Once Jim Edmonds Divorce Is Finalized And Admits Her Children Have No Memory Of Her Being With Jim!

Meghan King reveals how she will feel once her divorce from her estranged husband, Jim Edmonds, is finalized. 

“I think [it’ll be] a combination of [feeling] free mixed with being scared because I’ll be, like, totally on my own,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum told Us Weekly. “I won’t have [Edmonds’ medical insurance] and that kind of scares me because that’s a big expense.”

“[I’ll be free from] that huge energetic ball and chain that was holding me back,” she continued. “It’s gone and now I can go and live my life and change my name legally, officially. And be with someone [new] as a single woman.”

King noted that she’s now closer to signing the final papers. She also admits that she’s thankful that her divorce didn’t play out while she was filming RHOC.

“Can you imagine? TV gold right there at my expense, but no, thank you,” she said. “I regret some of the decisions that I made to be as public [with the divorce] as I was. I think there’s ebbs and flows in the … progression of a divorce and as the kids age and [with] co-parenting and moving on and all that … I’m really hopeful that, you know, time heals everything.”

During the interview, King revealed that her three children, whom she shares with her estranged husband don’t have memories of them as a couple.

“They don’t even remember when we were together,” King told Us Weekly. “They have no idea.”

King explained that her daughter Aspen (4) and 2-year-old twins, Hart and Hayes, are so used to their parents being broken up that it doesn’t seem real that they were ever together.

“I’ll show them pictures when they were babies and how he’s with me. And they’re just totally mind blown,” King continued. “It’s like that emoji with the head exploding, like, ‘You and dad were in the same room?’”

King noted that she has been in the same room as her ex since they split in October 2019 after five years of marriage, but “it’s just not usual. Typically, like, the kids aren’t, you know, they’re going to, like, go run and play in the playroom or something.”

When it comes to their co-parenting dynamic, King admitted, “It’s a struggle.” She told Us Weekly that the pair’s relationship is still finding its groove amid their divorce, which has yet to be finalized following COVID-19 court delays.

“It’s a common theme among parents who are co-parenting. If you’re co-parenting well then, I don’t know, maybe she just [should’ve] stayed married or something,” the former Bravo reality star said. “That’s how I see it, I guess. Or you’re just, like, a very evolved soul and a wonderful person. But I don’t think that my co-parenting relationship has reached that level of evolution.”


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