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Kary Brittingham Sounds Off On Her Current Relationship Status With D’Andra Simmons; Says She’s Fine In Having A “Superficial Friendship” With D’Andra As They Don’t Have A “Genuine, Heartfelt Friendship”

Kary Brittingham is sounding off on her relationship with Real Housewives of Dallas co-star D’Andra Simmons. If you recall, the friendship between the two was tested this season as the two caught themselves feuding throughout the season.

Simmons previously shared with ET that she's cautious about getting close with Kary again after the ups and downs of last year, and Kary feels the same. She says she’s fine having a "superficial friendship" if that's all D'Andra is willing to offer. 

"I hope we can really move past that and hopefully be good friends, but two people have to want it, have to work at it," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Friendships and close relationships are not easy."

During the interview, Kary was told that Simmons previously revealed that Brittingham expects too much out of a friendship, which seemingly added anxiety to her life. Simmons revealed she set up a recurring, weekly calendar reminder to call Kary just so Kary wouldn't get mad at her for not checking in more often.

"She's told that to me before," Kary admitted. "I'm like, OK, then it makes sense. I don't want to feel like you have to call me, you should want to call me. If you have to put a reminder in your phone to call me, that means you have no interest in talking to me."

"It doesn’t matter, the phone call," she shared. "It matters the engagement and the phone call, and ... it feels like, OK, check. I called Kary. Check. I ask her, how are you doing? How's your family doing? Check. That's not it, it's not a genuine, heartfelt friendship. I don't care if you call me once -- I mean, I have friends that I talk to once a year and it felt like we just saw each other yesterday. It's the commitment to the friendship."


Photo Credit: Kary Brittingham/Instagram; D’Andra Simmons/Instagram