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Jax Taylor Claims ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is ‘Highly Edited’ And Says “A Lot Of Stuff” He Did On The Show Was “Just Not Real” — Plus Jax Shares An Update On His Friendships With Former Co-Stars And Reveals He Doesn’t Speak To Lisa Vanderpump; Says ‘She’s Another One That I Could Care Less About’

Jax Taylor recently spilled major tea during a recent Instagram Live session about his time on Vanderpump Rules.

The soon-to-be father revealed that he was only a bartender at SUR for the first four years and that he faked the remaining five for the cameras. 

“I put in nine years. It’s a long time to be lying to the fans. Because it’s not true. A lot of the stuff I was doing was just not real,” Taylor said, according to a report by Pedestrian TV.

When asked what bartenders typically make at the L.A. hot spot, Jax said, “I don’t know what the bartenders make at SUR, to be honest. I haven’t bartended there in three to four years, so I don’t know.”

Taylor said that there are a few people who legitimately work at SUR, like manager Peter Madrigal. 

As far as his ‘villain edit,’ the former Bravo reality star added, “The show is highly edited. All they did was show me blow up and go crazy all the time.”

Somewhere during the live session, Jax shared that he doesn’t talk or see Lisa Vanderpump.

“I don’t talk to Lisa now, I haven’t spoken to her,” he said, according to Showbiz CheatSheet. “She’s in her own world, and I don’t really … she’s another one that, eh, I could care less about. She’s in her own world. Nothing mean against her. I just don’t really care either way.”

When asked which former cast members he still keeps in touch with, Taylor said, “The only people that I stayed in contact with on the regular like day to day … I still talk to everybody day to day. Like I talk to Stassi probably three to four times a week,” he said. “And I talk to Beau [Cleark] every day.” Taylor added that he speaks to Randall [Emmett] daily, plus Tom Schwartz. “I talk to Katie [Maloney-Schwartz].”

“I talk to Lala [Kent] a lot,” he said. Kent and Emmett recently welcomed a new baby. “I talk to James [Kennedy] once in a while. That’s about it really. I have no interest in anybody [else]. I’m like a dad now. I don’t really have interest in going to bars.”

When fans began to ask him about his friendship with Kristen Doute, he said, “Kristen, too, I’m sorry,” he added. “Kristen Doute, I talk to her every day. I don’t know why Kristen and [her boyfriend] Alex as well. Sorry, I forgot about somebody. Yeah, I talked to them probably the most Kristen. Alex.”


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2); Getty Images