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Jackie Gillies Says She’s “Excited To Be Back” On ‘RHOMelbourne’ And Promises To “Keep It Real” — Plus She Reveals Why She Decided To Return After Originally Quitting The Show And Shares An Update On IVF Journey!

Last week, it was officially confirmed that Jackie Gillies was returning to The Real Housewives of Melbourne after Foxtel unveiled the new cast for Season 5. 

Now, the celebrity psychic reveals why she decided to return to the series after initially quitting the series in 2020.

She started off by thanking her fans for the love and support following her return to the series. “I have the best fans and I always aid light attracts light. All my followers following me are genuine – I really mean this – I appreciate and love them all because they are so positive,” she told the Hit Network.

Gillies notes that everyone on her social media has been supportive and loving after announcing her return to RHOMelbourne.

“Positive. Shinning. I want to thank them for supporting me and I promise to keep it real. I promise you that I’ll keep it 100%”

She continued, “I’m excited to be back… I really feel positive about this season.”

Jackie then revealed the reason why she initially decided to quit the series back in 2020 while sharing an update on her IVF journey. 

“I had to take that year off because I wasn’t in the [right] headspace while I was doing IVF. I really do feel the reason why I said no is because I do keep it one hundred, I’m very authentic and I knew I wouldn’t be an asset to The Real Housewives of Melbourne during the season just starting IVF,” she told Hit Network. “I’m on my sixth round now, I know now what’s expected, but when you first are starting off, man, it’s a whole lot of hormones, emotions, up and down with your emotions, you get angry, your happy, you cry, it’s because your basically putting pregnancy hormones in your body so I’m feeling everything a pregnant woman would be feeling.” 

Jackie then revealed how Foxtel executives convinced her to come back for Season 5. “When they asked me to come back, what had actually happened was – the last time they asked me back – they asked me to come back before any other housewife and I think I was shocked when I said “no.” Then, they were actually shocked.”

She added, “Then when I was asked - this isn’t before anyone knew Gina [Liano] was leaving, they said, “we want you back and you need to come back to the show.” And I said, “Alright, I’m coming back.” I just knew I had to because I’d dreamt it. I dreamt myself two weeks before the phone calls.” 

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal via Foxtel