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Gretchen Rossi Says ‘RHOC’ Fans Saw Tamra Judge’s ‘True Colors’ After Falling Out With Shannon Beador — Tamra Claps Back And Slams ‘Obsessed’ And ‘Irrelevant’ Gretchen!

Gretchen Rossi is calling out her longtime nemesis, Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge, following her fallout with Shannon Beador.

“I’ve not had any communication with her — praise the Lord for that,” Rossi told Us Weekly, referring to her friendship with Judge as a “toxic and negative” part of her past. “Thankfully, we don’t really live in the same community, so I don’t have to run into her or anything like that. I really don’t hold grudges, whatever, [let] bygones be bygones, I’m in such a better place in my life than I was dealing with all that on Housewives.”

Rossi cited Judge’s falling out with Shannon Beador as an example of her former costar’s “true colors” coming out.

“After I was off the show, I think a lot of people just thought, ‘Oh, it’s just Gretchen and Tamra that have issues.’ But clearly, she had issues with, like, almost every single other person on that show, you know? And we saw this last season, I mean, for goodness sakes, her best friend Shannon and her [are] no longer friends,” the Bravo alum said. “So, after a while, you start to look at the common denominator and you start to go, ‘OK, well who’s the problem here?’ Because in most of those relationships, she was the one that always was causing the drama or the issue.”

“I wasn’t [surprised when Tamra was let go from RHOC]. I mean, I guess I was in a way because I felt like the network sometimes rewards bad behavior,” Rossi continued. “And I think that she knew that, and I think that she would definitely do a lot of things for [the] camera and she was kind of the messenger of the production and Bravo on that show — if like, you know, they wanted something to be stirred up or whatever and she would go and do it. … I think it got to a point where it started to become really inauthentic. I think the audience and the fans really started to get over the schtick and over the BS and it just became so obvious that she was, like, purposely stirring something up or doing something.”

Rossi doesn’t see an RHOC return in her immediate future but admits that her decision to a potential return would be “a lot easier” now that Judge left the series.

“But I do have to say with Tamra gone, it makes it a lot easier to say yes,” she told Us Weekly. “Whenever she was on, I was like, ‘Hell to the no,’ but now that she’s gone, I just feel like it wouldn’t be as ugly as it was for me.”

Following Rossi’s comments, Judge clapped back in a now-deleted Instagram post. “GO AWAY! Could you imagine not seeing someone for years and they still trash talk you every chance they get !,” Judge wrote in a now-deleted post. “Why is it that the people that know you the least have the most to say about your life ? I guess that’s how they show their “TRUE COLORS” ! Go aways please … don’t you have a selfie to blur, a job to find, MLM to promote. The opening of a toilet seat to attend? You’re not paid to argue anymore sugar tits!”

She continued, “Use your platform for good, it’s very rewarding! May God Bless your blurry soul.”

She added, #relentless #obsessed you’ll never get ahead by dwelling on the past #moveon happy earth day …. Now go pound sand!”

Judge continued to slam Rossi and even threatened legal action against her via the comment section of the now-deleted Instagram post. 

“Admit it though, you were very jealous of her and were harassing her for years and now you are acting all innocent,” one person wrote.

“I did my job on RHOC. If you come on the show with lies they will be exposed,” Tamra replied.

Then, after agreeing with another user who said Gretchen is “irrelevant,” Tamra fired back at another person who suggested she was no better than Gretchen, according to a report by Reality Blurb.

“Aren’t you doing the same thing here by arguing and talking trash too?” the user asked Judge.

To which she wrote back, “Enough is enough. [Nine] years of this sh-t. [I’m] allowed to say. Leave me alone.” 

After another user asked Judge to confront Rossi directly, Tamra replied, “My attorney is about to confront her. I have a stack of articles [she’s] done about me, my husband, and kids,” Tamra warned.

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