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Gretchen Rossi Reveals Why She And Slade Smiley Still Haven’t Gotten Married!

Gretchen Rossi revealed why she and fiancé Slade Smiley haven’t got married yet even though they still wear wedding rings.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum revealed that there are “no wedding updates” as of now.

“We got very preoccupied trying to have a baby, obviously, and that’s a very expensive process going through IVF for that many years,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s interesting because I would love to be married to Slate. I actually call him my husband.”

Rossi noted, “I wear a ring like he’s my husband. He wears a ring. We call each other husband and wife. It’s just, we don’t have a legal paper that says it.”

Rossi explained that after being together almost 12 years — the pair dated for four years before getting engaged —  they “don’t have to get married.”

She would, however, be open to having a big celebration one day. “I would want to do it more for just, like, having the pictures and having, like, the big party, you know what I mean? Rather than feeling like, ‘Oh, we have to, like, be married to be committed to each other,’” the mother-of-one told Us Weekly. “I mean, we just have such a beautiful, wonderful relationship and we’re — knock on wood — so madly in love [and] we fall more in love with each other every day.”

Rossi added that having their daughter has brought the pair “closer together,” but she hasn’t completely ruled out walking down the aisle. Successful non-married couples in Hollywood, however, have made her question whether it’s the right move for her family.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll get married one day or maybe we’ll be like Kurt [Russell] and Goldie [Hawn] and never get married,” she said. “I mean, obviously they’re onto something, right? They’ve been together for so many years. And then you see all these other Hollywood couples that finally get together and get married and then it, like, falls apart.”

Photo Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock