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Drew Sidora Slams LaToya Ali Over ‘RHOA’ Season 13 Reunion Drama; LaToya Claps Back And Throws Major Shade At Drew And Husband Ralph Pittman!

 Drew Sidora recently appeared on E! News' Daily Pop, where the Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie sounded off on some Season 13 reunion drama, involving RHOA friend LaToya Ali.

Sidora was adamant that she question Ali's sickness claims. While LaToya has assured viewers on social media that she was not feeling well ahead of filming the recent reunion, Drew was skeptical about her illness.

"I definitely know that she was not ready for this work," Drew said. "She was coming up with every excuse and reason—and she wanted her fans to back her up like she can't come—they had to pull her. Like, 'Get out here, girl.'"

Another reason for Drew's doubt? LaToya allegedly "went out with her boyfriend after the reunion was over." She quipped, "Girl was fine! I'm not buying it."

Following Drew's comments about LaToya, the Canadian YouTuber took to social media to clap back.

"I was sick at the Reunion. Drew had Ralph's barber BARGE into my room without knocking with a camera in my face and said "compliments of Drew Sidora" and handed me a Vitamin C packet," she tweeted. "Security kicked him out. Drew denied it. LYIN ASS HEIFER"

She continued, "I can't stand a fake Christian they are the first to cast judgment." 

Ali ended her rant by throwing some major shade at Drew's husband Ralph.

LaToya tweeted, "Ralph stay out of women's drama and go back to your side piece's house in Tampa, Im sure her peach is juicer."

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Photo Credit: Courtesy via Drew Sidora/Instagram; Courtesy via LaToya Ali/Instagram; Courtesy via Ralph Pittman/Instagram