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Dorit Kemsley Teases ‘Intense’ And ‘Very Difficult’ RHOBH Season 11 Drama; Says “This Season’s Not Going To Disappoint”

Dorit Kemsley is teasing Bravo viewers what they can expect from the upcoming eleventh season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“It’s an intense trailer, it’s an intense season,” she told Us Weekly. “There are — much like most seasons — a lot of twists and turns. We dealt with some pretty, pretty big stuff this season. And we still managed to have fun and this was in a COVID year, so it was a different season. But it’s really, really good. It’s always hard to live it and then you relive it all over again with the rest of the world, and that’s definitely on the horizon. But I definitely can say to the fans, this season’s not going to disappoint.”

Dorit hinted that her storyline this season will revolve around her relationship with her husband PK Kemsley and their two kids, Jagger (7), and Phoenix (5).

“I think that with regards to my family and home life, it’s really the challenges that you go through as a couple, as a married couple,” she revealed. “Even though we were able to come out strong and on top, you’re affected. And I think you’ll see certainly some of the impact that COVID had on the family and certainly the new venture that I’ve gotten into with the wedding dresses with Nektaria — the birth of that and when I was designing and the creation, the launch. And then the relationships and the friendships between the women, which I think is always a special dynamic of the show.”

Dorit shared that Erika Girardi’s divorce drama has been hard to watch. “Definitely someone that you care about and a friend of yours that’s going through something really — that’s struggling and it’s big — it’s hard,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s hard to see someone in pain.”

Dorit claimed that season 11 is the “most challenging” one she has filmed. “I know, like, I say that and I think to myself, jeez,” she said. “I mean, I have gone through quite a few challenging seasons, so maybe I’ll say that every season, but it was difficult, very difficult at times. And we’ll see that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal