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Christall Kay Shares New Details About Her Alleged Fight With Brinnette Seopela And Gugu Khathi! Plus She Reveals What Actually Sparked The Altercation And Says ‘RHOJ’ Cancellation Is “Really Heartbreaking” And “Sad” — Gugu Reveals She Has Pressed Charges Against Christall!

Christall Kay is sharing new details about the fight that caused 1Magic to canned the third season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Kay has claimed that she was allegedly assaulted by her co-stars Brinnette Seopela and Gugu Khathi while filming RHOJ. Now, the Wonder singer is sharing new details about what caused the alleged fight and much more.

Kay reveals that the fight stems from their Kenya cast trip. “Firstly, there was an incident in Kenya where Brinnette hosted a dinner against me and got all the girls to talk about me in such a nasty way. She said that I was the problem and called me out,” she told TRUELOVE. “She had this whole speech planned at the beginning of the evening to lay the table me.”

“During the dinner she said things that weren’t nice and labeled me as a white supremacist, racist and all sorts of things like that. She said that I don’t know how to love or how to receive love. The evening ended off as a nightmare because everyone was screaming at each other and there was chaos,” Christall explained. “But we moved on from that and came back home to South Africa. A week later we decided to meet and we started by playing a newball match and we were all friends. And then we went to a club in Pretoria where I decided to address how they treated me in Kenya.”

She continued, “I approached Brinnette and asked why she has treated me that way and why she had called a dinner against me where all the girls were ganging up on me.”

According to the singer, that’s when an argument broke out and Gugu intervened by screaming at her in defense of Brinnette. 

“She then became violent and started pushing me on the shoulder. I walked out after that thinking that the argument had died down and then it was the end of that,” Kay shared. “But that was not the case.

Christall says when she returned back inside an hour and a half later, she found Gugu and Brinnette having changed into more casual outfits. 

“They were coming for me and were very aggressive. They were saying really abusive things to me and that’s when one of the girls there called the bouncer. He stood next to where I was sitting and they continued throwing insults at me until I tried to get away from them.”

Kay alleges that Seoplela then followed her and the bouncer towards the restroom and were trying to hit her until the incident occurred. 

“Gugu at this stage did assault me again and she took her hand and struck me on my throat. They were really coming for me; it was almost like they were possessed. We were trying to get away from them and I went to go sit down at the lounge and these girls continued to attack me while the bouncer was protecting me. They were going around him and at that moment it was almost as if Gugu was asking me to go to her so we could talk,” Kay told TRUELOVE.

“When I moved over towards her, she just smashed my eye out and punched me when I least expected it. I was sitting down and there was no threat to her when she struck me. At the time I didn’t realize how bad it was but my eye was bleeding and nobody even stopped the cameras or helped.”

Due to this incident, the network revealed that the series would be discontinued “due to unforeseen circumstances experienced during the production of the show.”

Christall believes that the show was canned because of the incident and because other cast members were scared of Gugu.

“The producers didn’t say that they were going to air the incident or not but I think because they wanted to be ethical, they couldn’t continue to put someone being harmed in that way on television. Everyone was also scared of her, we couldn’t work with her and she’d have to be fired. It was just going to be a nightmare for everyone involved,” Christall said.

Kay also reacted to the show being axed due to the alleged fight. “It’s really heartbreaking for a lot of us because we were all part of the show and it’s a big part of our lives and careers. It’s really sad that this was the outcome because The Real Housewives of Johannesburg was really popular,” she added. “Let’s hope that we get another show at the cherry and that the show continues, without intruders.”

Meanwhile, Khathi released a statement where she revealed that she had also opened a case of assault against Christall. 

“I’m not allowed to speak about this because I’ve pressed charges so once everything’s been clear on the legal side then I can speak. But I have pressed charges,” she told TRUELOVE.

The show’s producer, Sonia Mbele also refused to address the topic. She said, “We are not at liberty to talk about this until further notice.”

Photo Credit: 1magic; Christall Kay/Instagram; Gugu Khathi/Instagram