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RHOCheshire Alum Leilani Dowding Says “Fat People Are Making Lockdown Longer”

Leilani Dowding does not hold back when it comes to sharing her opinions regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, such as lockdown, wearing masks, and vaccines. 

The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star claims that "fat people" are continuing to extend the lockdown periods as she calls out the government for placing COVID safety protocols.

The former Page 3 model revealed that "her lockdown is over" as she continues to go about her daily life.

At the start of the lockdown, which began in March 2020, Leilani suffered from chest pains and intense anxiety, occasionally fearing that she had contracted the virus as she couldn't breathe.

Now, the former ITVBe reality star has turned her thoughts away and believes that the ongoing lockdowns are due to "fat people causing a strain on the NHS."

"It seems that healthy people who believe in good food, fresh air, and vitamins are accused of spreading misinformation and it tends to be unhealthy people with poor diets who rely on big pharma accusing them," she told the Daily Star.

"After seeing articles and quotes from doctors about the correlation between obesity and the severity of Covid effects it's completely unfair that healthy people are being locked down," she continued. "Those who don't want a vaccine are now being labelled as selfish."

"It's up to the government to protect our rights and up to individuals to protect their health."

Taking to Twitter in March, Leilani wrote: "STOP using the BS words 'fat shaming' and do something about the real reason we in this lockdown."

She added: "Fat people cause the most strain on the NHS - fast food open but gyms, sports, golf, tennis, yoga classes boxing classes, martial arts, swimming, ballet, gymnastics, all banned."

The model and fashion designer also called out celebrities and social media influencers for allegedly promoting the government's track and trace scheme.

Leilani said, "What are they going to do? Start paying people to show them getting vaccines in their arms?"

"I don't trust any of it now, they're getting paid, I don't know whether it's taxpayers money but they're absolute sell-outs. If the Love Island lot are doing something, I'm doing the absolute opposite."

The Daily Star adds that the NHS states the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and gives people the best protection against coronavirus. The vaccine was approved after passing clinical trials and safety checks. So far more than 25 million Brits have received their first dose of the vaccine.


Photo Credit: ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal