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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Hasn’t Heard From Stassi Schroeder Following ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Firing Scandal And Hints Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Didn’t ‘Leave’ The Bravo Reality Series On Their Own!

Lisa Vanderpump is finally sharing her thoughts on Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's departure from Vanderpump Rules

“Was I surprised what they decided? Well, if you put it like that, yeah. I would have been really surprised,” she told Us Weekly on Monday, March 15, hinting that the couple didn’t leave on their own. “Who makes the rules? It’s not me. … Bravo, they produce the show. Even though I’m an executive producer on it, you know, they make most of the decisions.”

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star also revealed that she has not heard from Stassi Schroeder, who was one of the four cast members fired from the show last summer over their racially insensitive comments.

“I haven’t spoken to her. I did reach out to her a couple of times, but she never responded after she was let go,” she told the publication. “And that’s her choice, you know. That’s OK.”

In December, Jax and Brittany announced in matching statements via Instagram that they wouldn’t be returning to the Bravo reality show. After getting called out for their exact same wording, Cartwright replied, “Do you guys really truly think we got to write whatever we wanted?”

The couple is currently expecting their first child and listed that as the main reason for their exit. “I am 41 with a baby on the way,” Taylor wrote. “[This] was the best choice for my whole family.”

Meanwhile, Schroeder, who welcomed a daughter with husband Beau Clark in January, revealed that her pregnancy saved her from turning to alcohol and drugs to cope with her firing from the Bravo reality series amid accusations of racism in June 2020.

“If I wasn’t pregnant, I probably would have just like … gone to alcoholism, Xanax,” she said on her “The Good, The Bad, The Baby” podcast earlier this month, according to Us Weekly. “I would have lashed out, dark passenger-ed. And I think our baby 100 percent saved me.”


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