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Jennifer Aydin Says Joe Gorga “Deserves To Be More Of A Housewife” On ‘RHONJ’ Than Melissa Gorga Does And Weighs In On The Drama Between The Gorgas And Michelle Pais!

Jennifer Aydin explains why she believes Teresa Giudice's brother, Joe Gorga, deserves to be a housewife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey more than his wife, Melissa Gorga.

"I think definitely Joe Gorga, sometimes I think he deserves to be more of a Housewife than Melissa," Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight

"Somebody cut him a check, right? I was like, what's going on here? When did he get mad? So, that was definitely something embedded in my head. And Melissa throwing the cheese when it's like, didn't we vow not to throw s**t anymore? Like, hello, wasn't it you that said, ‘Let's promise to not throw anything anymore?’ And then all of a sudden you see some swiss in your hair. It was definitely quite an epic night."

During the interview, Aydin recalled the moment when Teresa's realtor, Michelle Pais, confided in her that Joe Gorga allegedly owed her husband "ten thousands of dollars" over his event, Growing with Gorga.

"I was on pins and needles when I was thinking of how I was going to present it to her because we just went through this whole fiasco with somebody saying a rumor and it didn't go so well," Jennifer said. 

"I think Melissa and I are in a good place," Jennifer shares. "At the end of the day, she doesn't bother me. I don't know if she's bothered by me, but in my defense, I just kill him with kindness. Like let's kiki up and move on. So I'm hoping that she feels the same."

The drama between the Gorgas and Pais' faced off at Teresa's pool party, where Joe confronts Michelle’s husband over the supposed owed money and Melissa confronts Michelle over creating a "schmear-fest on my husband."

"Listen, Michelle said her truth," Jennifer offers. "She is not a s**t-starter, but this is relevant information because she is listing Teresa's house and she felt the need to tell me. And let me tell you, even though Michelle and I had not met up until that point, we had communicated via text and through Instagram. So, I feel like we already had some kind of connection and maybe she felt that she could trust me. I think that she totally told me so that I can go back and tell Melissa, maybe to kind of be the buffer and let her know like, 'Hey, she thinks you owe her husband money. So maybe you should deal with that.'"

"I think Michelle is a straight-up person," she added. "I think she came to state her truth and the way that it was spun, maybe it backfired, but she still stands by her word. And you know what, it's not my fight anyway."


Photo Credit: Shutterstock; Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Courtesy via the Michelle Pais Group