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Jen Shah’s Former Fashion Designer Accuses Her Of ‘Verbal Assault’ Amid Audio Leak!

Jen Shah’s former fashion designer, Koa Johnson, is accusing the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star of tormenting him during his employment.

Johnson, who created Shah’s reunion gown among other looks, took to Instagram after coming across an alleged leaked audiotape of her berating him. It is unclear how it was leaked onto the internet, but Johnson claimed to Page Six that the incident occurred in November 2020.

The alleged audio leak was captured and shared by the Instagram page, realityvontease2.

“Honestly, Koa, this is insane! You need 20 more people? Like how many more people do you need to do one f*cking thing? One thing,” she can allegedly be heard screaming as the designer attempts to explain that he needs more time and help, according to a report by Reality Blurb. “Then f*ck it, I’m not wearing JXA, Send everybody home, I’m not wearing JXA!”

Then, at one point in the recording, Jen allegedly threatens Koa with violence before accusing him of lying.

“I’m like ready to f*ckin – you know we’re gonna put on boxing gloves and I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of you in like two seconds. That’s how p*ssed off, hurt, upset I am,” the voice yells.

The screaming continues with, “Do you know how many f*cking nights you were at my f*cking house and I was up at night because of your f*cking b*llsh*t? Do you, Do you?! Okay, guess what… do I blame you and say it’s your fault? ‘Hey Bravo, it’s Koa’s fault, it’s his fault!’ No, it’s my fault! So own your f*cking sh*t!”

“How old are you, huh? How f*cking old are you,” she allegedly asks. “It’s acceptable where you came from? Your parents taught you how to f*cking lie? You think anybody wants to be with a f*cking liar. This is going to affect you for the rest of your life, your f*cking reputation, your credibility, everything! How f*cking dare you do this to me!?”

After the audios were leaked online, Johnson also claimed in a notes-app style Instagram post on Wednesday that he was “verbally assaulted” while employed by Shah.

“1. I was brought to Utah to design custom couture and gowns for Jen Shah,” Johnson claimed. “2. In the ten months I spent working, I have been verbally assaulted, I had to work all hours, through the night, mostly unpaid. 3. I had to tip toe around a hostile work environment in an attempt to preserve my mental health and well-being. 4. The last payment that I received from my previous employer was in September even though I continued working through January.”

“I don’t know who released the audio, but I’m glad they did because now I feel like I can finally speak about my experience,” Johnson said on Instagram. “I’ve been protecting this woman for way too long.”

There was also another video circulated on social media of someone resembling Shah yelling at what is presumed to be her “Shah Squad” employees, reports Page Six.

Photo Credit: Courtesy via Koa Johnson/Instagram; Bravo Media/NBCUniversal