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Dorinda Medley Reveals Cover Art For Her Upcoming Book ‘Make It Nice’

Dorinda Medley revealed the cover art and title for her upcoming book, titled, Make It Nice. The cover image shows the former Real Housewives of New York City star posing inside her iconic Berkshires home, Blue Stone Manor, dressed in a chic white blouse and yellow patterned pants.

The book, which is set to be released on August 17, features stories about her life, from living in London with her late husband to her time on RHONY.

"I always sort of dabbled in wanting to write a book. People have always said, 'Oh my god, you have such an interesting life, you live so many different places,'" Medley told E! News.

Credit: Gallery Books

Medley revealed her book deal with Simon and Schuster came "fortuitously" just weeks before she departed RHONY last year.

"It was just very sort of karmic," she shared. "I had no idea what the journey would look like. I had no idea what the book was going look like, and it really allowed me some breathing time to take my head out of where I was presently, and bring myself back to how I got there. It was perfect timing to say."

Medley chronicles the phases of her life, "as young as a child, a young adult, a wife, a mother, a single mother, a widow. Someone who wants more opportunity not only for myself but for my daughter. I love to give advice. Having a daughter and watching my daughter start to navigate her life and her only starting from the opportunities that I've been able to give to her. I thought, wouldn't it be nice to take not only myself, not only an audience."


Photo Credit: Gallery Books