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D’Andra Simmons Slams Brandi Redmond For Questioning Her Faith And Feuds With Kameron Westcott On Twitter Over Their Finances — Read Their Shady Tweets Here!

D’Andra Simmons took to Twitter to call out her Real Housewives of Dallas co-star Brandi Redmond for questioning her faith on the latest episode of the Bravo hit reality series and also got into a Twitter feud with Kameron Westcott over finances. Get the tea after the jump!

If you recall, Redmond revealed during Tuesday night's episode that she felt uncomfortable attending Simmons' meditation ceremony as she felt it was going against her beliefs as a Christian. 

D'Andra felt it was hypocritical that Brandi questioned her faith after Brandi revealed last season that she had a connection with the spirit realm. 

“Yes, you were judging me and questioning my faith in God,” D’Andra tweeted on March 23, according to a report by Reality Blurb.

After a user responded to her tweet by slamming Redmond for being “so hypocritical,” Simmons responded by adding three clapping emoji.

Meanwhile, Simmons found herself beefing with Kameron via Twitter after D’Andra tweeted that she couldn't relate to Westcott when it comes to their juggling their home's finances.

She wrote, “I can’t relate to Kam not knowing which bills are being mailed to the house! As a businesswoman and someone who takes pride in being financially responsible, I track all of my expenses!” 

Kameron clapped back at Simmons' comment and tweeted back, “I totally understand why you can’t relate…forgot when we went shopping in LA you dropped 30K just on clothes you told me. That’s totally financially responsible right?” Kameron wrote.

D’Andra fired back, “I pay my bills, know what I budget, and know what I can spend. Not really seeing your point,” she tweeted.

After a fan asked Kameron, “Didn’t she say her mom paid for her cleaning person?” 

Kameron replied, “Her mom also gave her checks on camera too? I’m just confused?” she wrote, adding the hashtag “#dontshameothers.” 

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