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Ayanda Ncwane Spills The Tea On ‘RHODurban’ Season 1 Drama!

Ayanda Ncwane is spilling the tea about the drama on The Real Housewives of Durban. The reality star teases viewers what they can expect from her during the first season, which is currently playing Friday nights at Showmax.

Ncwane reveals how she ended up on RHODurban. "After months of the casting director begging me to join the show, I decided to give it a shot," she told All4Women.

Ayanda then revealed why she was not nervous about appearing in a reality show. "Absolutely not. I told the casting director that, if they are desperate to have me on the show, I won’t filter my true values, my true personality and my character. If it’s not what they want, I’ll be out in a second."

In the series premiere, things got heated between her and co-star Nonku Williams. Now, Ncwane is addressing the topic of her argument with Williams.

"It was not a new thing. We’ve always known my husband’s daughter. And had met her before. They disappeared because her mother was married to someone else. Reuniting with her was such a God moment as I was worried that she never got to come to her father’s funeral and get some closure," she said.

She added, " Before we got married , Bab’Ncwane and I went on a separation for 8 months, that’s where they met. I think that the child was God’s plan. He told me when we decided to get back together that he met a lady and she got pregnant. But our love was strong, I accepted the situation from the beginning."

The Real Housewives of Duban airs Friday nights at 7:00pm on 1Magic!


Photo Credit: Showmax/NBCUniversal