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Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Judge Congratulate Shannon Beador’s Ex-Husband David Beador For New Baby; David’s Wife Lesley Cook Reacts And Thanks Vicki For Supportive Message!

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge threw major shade at their former 'Tres Amigas' bestie, Shannon Beador, by congratulating her ex-husband David Beador on social media over the birth of his new baby.

Gunvalson and Judge congratulated David for the birth of his new baby with his new wife Lesley Cook via their Instagram Stories.

Gunvalson wrote, “Congrats, David! I’m so happy for you!”

As for Judge, she simply wrote, “Congrats David” by sharing a photo of the couple.

David’s wife, Lesley, showed her appreciation for Gunvalson after she publicly congratulated the pair on the birth of their first child.

“Someone sent me this. TY Vicki. That’s very sweet,” Lesley wrote on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, February 9, according to Us Weekly. “Now, if someone could go on record that we didn’t have an affair like implied on the show for a storyline, that would be epic. It’s had a tremendous impact on my families (sic) life. In the end, everything comes to light! ✨💕 This is why I’ve tried so hard for years to stay quiet.”

David and Lesley got engaged in January 2020 and tied the knot that October. They confirmed the arrival of their newborn daughter, Anna, via Instagram on Saturday, February 6. At the time, Lesley shared a pic of the pair celebrating their “first sunset with our sweet little Anna.”

Vicki and Tamra’s support for David and Lesley comes amid their ongoing feud with Shannon Beador. Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon were known on the show as the Tres Amigas. However, Vicki and Tamra's friendship with Beador fizzled out after they left the series and did not return for Season 15. Things become to get more intense when Beador, who stayed on the show, rekindled her relationship with Kelly Dodd, who is at odds with Judge and Gunvalson.

“As soon as we’re not on the show anymore, she just doesn’t have any time for us anymore and it really just kind of hurts my feelings,” Tamra told Entertainment Tonight in April 2020. “It came to a point where me and Vicki really went through some hard times, when neither one of us were gonna go back to the show, we really went through, what is our identity? Who are we? … I just kind of felt like I never got that, like, ‘How are you doing? How are you feeling?’ kind of thing.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Courtest via Instagram/Lesley Cook