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Mary Zilba Calls ‘RHOV’ A “Train Wreck S**t Show”; Says She Forgot “How Wrong And Juvenile It Was And Is For Grown Women To Hate Each Other” After Watching An Old Clip From Now-Canceled Canadian Series!

Mary Zilba is looking back at her time on The Real Housewives of Vancouver. The singer and mother-of-three shared a throwback GIF of herself saying, "Here we go... again" during her time on the now-canceled Slice reality series.

In the post, Zilba wrote, "#tbt I just switched cable companies and included with it was a streaming service called @hayucanada which has all the Real Housewives Series, so I decided to watch a clip from #RHOV and after watching just one scene from season one, I feel like I was hit by an oncoming locomotive! WOW!!! What a train wreck sh$t show!! The memories are one thing, but seeing it again after so many years, reminded me even further of just how wrong and juvenile it was and is for grown women to hate on each other and tear each other down. It’s a public form of bullying."

The 'Hero" singer revealed that she would like to do a reality series that will focus on women supporting one another. "I would love to create a reality series that follows a group of real friends from all ethnicities and walks of life, who inherently support and like each other," she continued. "But rather than creating “forced drama” it would focus on the real intricacies of their friendships, family lives, careers, marriages, divorces, children, etc, which inevitably would include all kinds of drama, love, pain, joy, intimacies, but wouldn’t be all about knocking each other down."

She added, "Everyone has drama and dirt in their lives, why not show how people can survive, thrive, laugh and learn from mistakes and hardships, while showing how true friendships filled with love can inspire, and be entertaining at the same time! Sex in the City worked!!"

The Real Housewives of Vancouver made their official debut when the first season premiered on April 4, 2013, on Canadian network Slice. After two successful seasons, the television network decided to put the series "on hold" for unknown reasons, which later resulted in cancellation. The last episode aired during the show's second season finale on April 9, 2013.

Meanwhile, Zilba has kept herself busy since the show ended in 2013. In 2013, her hit single "Hero," which was featured on RHOV went to #1 in the UK Country charts. Following that success, she released new tracks. In 2013 she collaborated with music duo Roy & Rosemary and together released a Christmas EP titled "A Timeless Christmas." In 2014, she released a single titled "Are You Sorry Now."

Mary also also created a few businesses, she released a make-up line called Buff Beauty, a yoga clothing line called Mary Zilba by LOTUSACTIVA, which she debuted in Vancouver Fashion Week and most recently she has followed in the footsteps of Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer by launching her own wine label, Love by Mary Zilba.

Since RHOV ended, Mary and her besite Fiona Forbes launched their very own production company LadyPants productions. Zilba has made it clear that she has no plans to do anymore reality television and admits that she prefers to be behind the camera. "Everyone thinks I'm on the shows and I'm not, I haven't cast myself on anything," Mary told ET Canada.

During her last interview with ET Canada, the mother-of-three reflected her time on RHOV.

"I am 100 per cent proud of how I handled myself on that show,"  she tells ET Canada.  "I wasn't a victim at all. I felt I was victimized but I don't ever call myself a victim. Sometimes you need to rise above the bully."

"I honestly really in my heart wish all the girls the best in their future...I don't wish to have any relationships with them at this point," she said. "I've moved on from it all and I don't keep track of what they're doing."

In April 2016, it was reported that Mary Zilba and Fiona Forbes' production company LadyPants Productions and in 2018, Zilba launched her podcast, Eat Drink and Be Mary. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy via Mary Zilba/Instagram; Slice TV