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Margaret Josephs Weighs In On Teresa Giudice And Jackie Goldschneider’s Fight! Plus She Says Watching Melissa And Joe Gorga’s Marital Woes Is ‘Painful’

Margaret Josephs is sharing her thoughts on the explosive fight that went down between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider, which took place at Josephs' home, during the season 11 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“That was an epic sit-down,” Josephs told Page Six. “In the middle of construction, as well. That was originally a ballroom in my house.”

She added that she ended up feeling like she was in the middle of the women, saying, “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re packing for Lake George. I want to go and have a good trip.’

“I thought it was going to go fine. Teresa came in and was in a good mood. I was like, ‘She’s going to apologize. They’re going to make up. We’re going to go on a great trip and have a good time.’ But it just didn’t go that way.”

Meanwhile, during a separate interview, Josephs weighs in on Melissa and Joe Gorga's marriage troubles, which will play out this season.

“I’m invested in [my costars’] relationships. We spent a lot of time with these women, My [husband] Joe [Benigno] and Joe Gorga are very good friends. I don’t want to ever see my girlfriends in pain, upset, or other couples that I’m close with,” Margaret told Us Weekly. “I’m so invested in them, everybody. It was painful. … And you know, we’re Housewives, what do we do? We weigh in.”

Josephs noted that Melissa and Joe are a “solid couple.”

“I think every marriage goes through growing pains at different points in your life. I think that’s all it was,” she explained. “I think they’re just very solid. And every marriage, you know, needs work at different points in time. I think really that’s what it was. And no one loves change. And women are forever changing.”

She added, “Everybody needs a little tweaking and a little help at different points. The strongest and solid and most amazing marriages can use a little help at any given moment.” 

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