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LeeAnne Locken Claims She Was Made A ‘Scapegoat’ By Her ‘Lazy’ RHOD Co-Stars Who ‘Attacked Her’; Says “The Toxicity Level Was Just Too Much”

LeeAnne Locken reveals why she decided to leave The Real Housewives of Dallas after four seasons. 

The actress turned reality star accused her former cast members of ‘attacking her’ and making her a scapegoat, adding that the stress became too much with her co-stars picking fights with her on the show. 

“I was always going to be the target and I was always going to be their scapegoat for, I don't have much going on. So let's fight with LeeAnne and you know, you can, every article that you read about Dallas, all roads lead back to Leanne,” she said during an appearance on Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari podcast, according to The Daily Mail.

“And I just honestly don't think people understand the amount of stress that can cause on one human. It wasn't my job to carry that show. It never should have been my job, but because some other cast are lazy, it became, they forced it on me.” 

She continued, “And then they attacked me for being right. And I just got to a point where the toxicity level was just too much, you know, look, I, I'm not perfect. I made a ton of mistakes on that show, but I grew a ton on that show and I hope that the audience saw me grow and grew with me because that was my goal.” 

Locken admitted that she would consider returning to the Bravo hit reality series, but only if it was with a completely different cast.

“There would have to be several removals before I would go back only because the way that I learned to uplift and encourage and inspire is by sharing my life.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal