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Kelly Dodd’s Stepdaughter Veronica Leventhal Seemingly Calls Her Out For Claiming She’s Black — Kelly Reacts With Shady Tweet!

Kelly Dodd's stepdaughter, Veronica Leventhal, the daughter of Rick Leventhal, seemingly called out the Real Housewives of Orange County star after claiming she is black during Part 2 of the Season 15 reunion.

While the 29-year-old never mentions Dodd's name, fans of the series believe that she is referring to her stepmother.

“I don’t think it’s OK for people who say that they’ve experienced racism and prejudice to then turn around and inflict that same bigotry on other people,” Veronica began in a clip that was captured and shared by Twitter page LoveAndyC. “I don’t think you can experience the privileges of whiteness and then turn around and deny that those privileges exist.

“I don’t think you can claim ownership of a culture or nationality and then disallow privileges to those people, either though political perspectives or just subjugating them in other ways. And, I don’t think you can use your multiculturalism as a shield for people saying you have biases.”

She concluded, “If you’re going to make arguments about racism, you should have a basic understanding of the difference between race, ethnicity and nationality.”

Meanwhile, Dodd seemingly fired back at Veronica's video in a now-deleted tweet, according to a report by AllAboutTRH site.

“We are selling the West Hamptons house!! It goes on the market next week,” Kelly tweeted. “Someone who got a stupid tattoo of a tree on their back should probably get tattoo laser removal ASAP!! Jolie, this is why you don’t mark up your body with idiotic signs!”

Twitter page LoveAndyC revealed that Veronica has a small tree branch tattoo. “Apparently, Veronica has a small tree branch tat on one of her shoulders according to followers of her IG account,” the page tweeted. 

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Facebook