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Kelly Dodd Addresses Recent COVID-19 ‘Superspreader’ Controversy!

Kelly Dodd addresses the latest backlash she is facing after the Real Housewives of Orange County star claimed she was joking about being a COVID-19 superspreader while dining at a California restaurant without a face mask on Saturday, January 30.

The Bravo reality star shared a series of videos of herself, husband Rick Leventhal, and a few friends enjoying a meal outdoors at Billy’s at the Beach in Newport Beach, California. She shouted “Cheers!” while raising a glass to superspreaders along with other diners, none of whom appeared to be wearing masks. One of her pals fake coughed after shouting, “Spread that s–t!” and Dodd admitted she was “getting a lot of hate for being at a restaurant we’re allowed to be at,” according to a report by Us Weekly.

Dodd later addressed the drama ivia her Instagram Story. “I’m not a superspreader because there’s nothing to spread,” she said in a video clip. “We all got the vaccine and we don’t have it, so there’s nothing to spread about superspreaders.”

She continued, “The sheeple are mad.”

Meanwhile, later that night, she shared another video from a restaurant where she was having dinner with gubernatorial hopeful Major Williams. In it, she and her friends dissed California Governor Gavin Newsom and asked Williams questions about his stance on mask mandates. He said he was “pro choice” on masks, at which point someone in Dodd’s friends shouted, “My body, my choice.”

Dodd then claimed in the clip that she’s creating a range of masks of her own. The entrepreneur revealed, “I’m coming out with a mask line. You guys can buy it. It works. … They’ll look good.”

After the video went viral on social media and various outlets, Dodd took to Twitter to address the controversial topic.

“Hey @tmz my goal [Saturday] was to promote the reopening of a local biz closed since March. The crowd was celebrating finally enjoying food & drink in a bar & I don’t know the person who yelled ‘superspreader.’ There was never an intent to harm, only to appreciate a slice of normal,” she tweeted.

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal