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Jennifer Davis Long Reveals The Real Reason She Was Demoted From Full-Time To A ‘Friend’ On RHOD; Says “I Had Some Personal Issues Going On In My Family That I Didn’t Want The Public Eye To See”

Jennifer Davis Long reveals the real reason she ended up being demoted from a full-time cast member to a "friend" on the current season of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

"I had some personal issues going on in my family that I didn't want the public eye to see," she said during a recent appearance on The Morning Toast podcast, according to The Daily Mail.

She continued, "I was grateful to film as much as I did, and to be a friend of this year."

The red-head beauty was then asked if she read rumors regarding her demotion online, such as Reddit. 

"Someone told me once, don't go down the rabbit down," she said of why she chooses not to read speculation about her personal life and marriage. 

In an attempt to answer all of the hosts' questions, Davis asked what the sites said, to which podcast co-host Claudia said she was going to be very "upfront."

"What I saw, which I was like, "This is so crazy," was that there was footage of you threatening to kill your husband, so you pulled out or something," she said with a laugh. The host told Jennifer that some speculated that there was footage of people doing drugs at her home. 

"It's funny how rumors getting started," Davis noted. "There was stuff going on in our home, where my other half went to rehab, and everything just culminated when we were shooting."

She went on to say she was "very proud of" her man "for going to rehab and working on himself' because "it's a disease." 

"We're co-parenting nicely and things are moving forward, and the house is for sale," she said. "Things happened in a way that surprised me, but it's okay, I'm very grateful the show was filming at the time, it was a wonderful distraction."

Daivs also credited RHOD for "empowering" her and giving her the courage to become a "single mom" and "walk away."

When asked if she'd like to be a full-time cast member on RHOD, she said she would "definitely" be interested and that it would be "an honor."

"Everyone struggles, it's the human condition," Davis said. "I was dependent on alcohol for a really long time, I've been sober ten years."

She added: "I just cannot drink alcohol, in so, I think being real and open is the only way to be authentic."

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal