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D’Andra Simmons Talks About Her ‘Surprising’ RHOD Season 5 Tagline And Drama With Kary Brittingham!

D’Andra Simmons admits that she was surprised - just as fans were when the tone of her voice sounded much deeper than usual in her Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 tagline.

 "I don't know what happened," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I didn't even know my voice was that low, that register, so it was a shock to me, too. I had several reads of that line and that's the one they chose. It certainly surprised people!"

Simmons also addresses the drama that she and Kary Brittingham will butt heads this season. If you recall, Brittingham came into season 5 taking some digs at D'Andra, calling her a hypochondriac and selfish, among other things.

"I am still confused about that, to be honest," D'Andra confessed. "I didn't understand that Kary had such deep-seeded opinions and feelings about our friendship until I started watching the season. I mean, I knew we were fighting a lot on, you know, during filming, but I never, ever would've thought that she would've called me selfish or that I wasn't a good friend, or any of the things she’s saying about me, and it really hurt my feelings and I’ve really tried to get to the bottom of it with her, and you'll see that kinda unpack and unfold."

Kary and D'Andra spent a lot of the off-season together during the pandemic, traveling to trunk shows in Texas to sell their products -- D'Andra has a skincare line and health supplement company, while Kary sells jewelry. Their time spent together seemed to do a number of their friendship. 

"Kary probably had a much more difficult time than I did during quarantine, because she's a very social person, whereas I am happy to be at home with my dogs and my husband and my books, and I can stay at home for months and not have a problem," D'Andra says. "Kary has to be out and has to be doing things and has to be going to dinners and she’s just, it’s not OK for her to be isolated."

Simmons explains why she believes Brittinham seemed to come for her this season. "There's a bee in her bonnet, as we like to say in the South, and I don't know what set it off!" D'Andra shares. 

D'Andra turned to her shaman, Darrin Davis, for guidance in healing her friendship with Kary, which will lead to an emotional exchange between the two women later this season. "After hearing a lot about what she's going through and the different struggles she's had, I thought maybe I should be a little more compassionate or a little more understanding, and that’s really my journey this year, anyway," D'Andra said.

Photo Credit; Bravo Media/NBCUniversal