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Annie Ludick Opens Up About Joining The Real Housewives Of Durban!

Annie Ludick is teasing what viewers can expect from the first season of The Real Housewives of Durban and reveals the reason why she decided to join the Showmax reality series.

“I'm really excited about it ... I think I was a bit anxious when we started because I am not the most social of people, I really have such a tight circle normally — I'm normally just around the people that I know ...,” she told Times Live.

After forging friendships on the show, Annie revealed which cast members she is the closest with this season. 

“So, I think the mood on set is ... we're all cool, but obviously I don't know everybody because on set I spend more time with Kgomotso and Sorisha than I have with Ayanda.”

She added, “I am a little bit more comfortable with them because of the little bit of time we've spent together but I wouldn't say there was beefing ... whatever happens on the show, happens on the show. Not to say there's something behind the scenes that's also happening. But I don't want to give much away.”

The Real Housewives of Durban airs Friday nights at 7:00pm on Showmax.

Photo Credit: Showmax