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Tiffany Moon Explains Why She Decided To Join The Real Housewives Of Dallas!

Dr. Tiffany Moon has joined the newest season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. The mother-of-two explains the reason why she decided to join the fifth season of the Bravo hit reality series.

"I wanted to join because it was something that I had never done before," Tiffany told E! News. "I've always been a book nerd, always in medical school. I graduated with my medical degree when I was 23 years old, I met my husband, did my residency, got married, I had twins. I've always done everything exactly as it was expected of me and perfectly executed. And I just thought, ‘When do I get to do something for me?' Not that going to medical school and getting married and having kids wasn't wonderful, because I love all of those things, that's my life. But like, ‘When do I get to have a little adventure?' So when D'Andra asked me to come along on this fabulous adventure with her, I really couldn't turn it down because I thought this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity."

In a separate interview, Moon shares more details as to why she decided to join RHOD.

"I took a leap of faith and I'm here for it," Tiffany told Entertainment Tonight. "This is something out of my comfort zone. It was an opportunity that was offered to me that I really wanted to take advantage of, because I think that young girls need to see more doctors on reality TV because we are real women. You will see me struggle with balancing working as a physician and having young children at home. I think people need to see more of that on TV instead of things that are, you know, make-believe and not at all like most people's normal lives."

Tiffany is mom to 6-year-old twins, Chloe and Madison, whom she shares with her husband, Daniel, the son of prominent Dallas entrepreneur Sam Moon. She shares that she got her family's support.

Filming the series was a challenge for Moon as she juggled motherhood, filming the Housewives while still working at the hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic. "I felt like [I was at a breaking point] many times," Tiffany admits. "There will be a few tears. You know, it's hard enough being a physician mom, and then you throw in the pandemic -- which of course none of us saw that coming -- and there were a few days that I just thought, like, I can't go on anymore. I don't have enough battery left in me to do this, and I talk about the struggles on the show."

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal