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Meredith Marks Opens Up About Reconciling With Husband Seth Marks!

Meredith Marks is getting candid about her reconciliation with her husband Seth Marks after a brief separation.

“I mean, we always have loved each other — that was never the issue. It was just we were completely disconnected and it was like a wake-up call,” Meredith told Us Weekly. “It was like, ‘Wait a second, I better really make the effort and put in the time.'”

While this is not the first time the pair have split and reconciled, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star explains why this time s different than others.

“Number one, we’ve been through intense therapy individually and with a marriage counselor, and in the past when we tried marriage counseling, we never really got past a few sessions,” Meredith said. “One of us would walk out in a fit of anger and end it. So we really made the efforts to put in the work, to kind of reprogram ourselves to communicate differently.”

The mother of three continued, “We worked so much on ourselves individually and together and we are actually connected and communicating, whereas in the past it was just angry jabs at each other.”

The mother-of-three said that hiding her separation from children, as well as her costars, meant they “couldn’t resolve anything because we were locked in our little corner.”

Meredith and Seth are hopeful they’ll continue to be “bigger and better and stronger.”

“Well for starters, we are not doing a vow renewal. Let’s start with that because that seems to be a big part of the curse, and I have my fingers crossed but everyone says vow renewals and reality TV are not a good idea,” Meredith told Us Weekly. “To me it’s going to be about really being open and communicating with one another.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Meredith Marks