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Meghan King Admits She Is Dating Again After Her Split From Christian Schauf!

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King is dating again after recently splitting from her boyfriend of six months, Christian Schauf.

“I was kind of dating, but then the [coronavirus] pandemic hit when I was starting to date. … Then I’m dating in St. Louis, and that is a little bit more awkward,” the former Bravo reality star told Us Weekly. “When the guy comes to the front door, I’m like, ‘OK, do you come to the front door? Or do I allow you to be a gentleman, or do I hide my kids? Do I wait until they’re already asleep? How does this work?'”

The mother-of-three admitted that she doesn’t have a “balance” perfectly figured out yet but is “going to try to shield” her kids from her dating life.

“But also, a part of me says, ‘Look, this is Mommy’s life.’ … I’m not going to have just a revolving door and make that a priority, my number one priority in my life,” she continued. “I feel like to hide it from my children is hiding a part of what they are experiencing, even peripherally, as part of their reality. I don’t want to do that either.”

“I’ve started telling my daughter I’m going on dates when I go out with my girlfriends too, so that she doesn’t think of going on a date is just I’m leaving her for a boy,” she told Us Weekly. “I want her to think I’m just going out at night with a friend.”

King then shared the difference the dating scene is between Los Angeles and St. Louis. “It’s a little bleaker,” she joked. “The men overall are not quite as interesting, in my opinion, but there’s definitely upsides. They are more, I would say, true to themselves, more family-oriented. There’s definitely pros and cons, which is all the reasons I love St. Louis and all the reasons I hate St. Louis, and vice-versa with L.A. I need to find that guy who’s the perfect mix of the St. Louis values with the L.A. attitude.”

In May, King began dating Schauf after the two connected via a dating app amid her messy divorce from Jim Edmonds. However, the pair called it quits in November. The two revealed that they ended things on good terms.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock; Courtesy of Christian Schauf/Instagram