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Kelly Dodd Threatens To Quit ‘RHOC’ If Braunwyn Windham-Burke Returns Next Season; Says “If She Comes Back Then I’m Out”

Kelly Dodd is refusing to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County if her co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke returns next season.

“I know I cannot film with Braunwyn,” Dodd said in an Instagram Live, which was captured and shared by a fan account Queens of Bravo, according to Us Weekly. “I know for a fact that I cannot film with her. There’s just no way, and if she comes back then I’m out because I know for a fact that I cannot. She’s dangerous and calling people racists and homophobic.”

Dodd also claimed that Windham-Burke was calling her a “bad mom” for traveling. “I was traveling, yes, but I was also selling two homes. And thank God I did because I’d be stuck with four mortgages, right?” she said in the video. “I wasn’t going to party it up with the Salt Lake City chicks.”

The two have been feuding since December 2020 when Dodd accused the mother-of-seven of using her alcoholism as a storyline — a claim she stands by.

“This is my opinion, not that it’s Bible or gospel. I go by facts and I go by facts only. Do I think Braunwyn is lying about alcoholism? I’m skeptical about it because she’s a liar, admitted lying all last season and she claimed that she needed to carry the show this year. She said she was called boring, Boring-wyn, last year,” Dodd told E! News on Wednesday. “So she wanted to create story lines and I know that for a fact. I was there. I know everything that her agent told her to, she needed to stop drinking and it she became sober it would be a great story line for her.”

Windham-Burke responded via Instagram shortly after Dodd’s original comments, noting that she knows her costar is “vile and cruel” so she wasn’t surprised.

“I’ve learned through others that when people have a hard time with me being sober it’s more about their own issue. Were people in my life telling me to ‘clean up my act,’” Windham-Burke wrote on December 6, 2020. “Hell ya, I was black out drinking most days….did I get sober for the show? Maybe, I knew we were filming soon and I was scared to have what happened the year before (I don’t remember some scenes.) Is there a doubt in anyone’s mind who knows me I’m an alcoholic? No. It’s low, but she’s pretty vile and cruel so it’s not unexpected.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal