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Drew Sidora Reacts To LaToya Ali Shading Her Wig And Claps Back At Kenya Moore’s ‘Thirsty’ Comment; Says “Sometimes Negativity Comes In Different Forms”

Drew Sidora is clapping back at Kenya Moore after her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star called her thirsty during a recent interview. 

Sidora says she's not thirsty. In fact, she claims she's beyond hydrated. "I take care of myself," Drew told Entertainment Tonight, responding to Kenya describing her as parched. "I'm a big girl, and it's a shot and I take it for what it is. Sometimes negativity comes in different forms and, right now, it's just coming from a fluffy face."

Sidora recalls meeting Moore for the first time at Cynthia Bailey's home and reacts to Moore laughing at LaToya Ali joking about Drew's wig looking like a cat.

"I really felt something with Kenya," Drew recalls of the moment. "Like, I didn't know because it wasn't in my face, but I did feel the energy just -- I couldn't figure it out! So, after watching [the episode, it] explains a lot, you know what I mean? Why the relationship ended up -- or ends up -- where it is. Even with LaToya, they never said it to me. So, I just was like, wow. That's really shocking, a pet on my head? Is that what we’re talking about?"

"She was a cute little kitten and I felt good about it when I walked out the door," Drew adds of her wig, which she styled herself as she wasn't getting professional hair and makeup done due to the coronavirus pandemic. "I think all girls can relate to the struggle of COVID and us trying to keep our looks together."

Sidora hints that her issues with Moore will play out throughout the season. "She just didn't take to me the way that I would've expected," Drew said. "We’re both actresses, and we come up in this industry, so I was surprised by it, but -- definitely -- she didn't welcome me in the way that I thought."

"You know, you can’t get along with everybody and I’m learning that," she continued. "As much as it would have been awesome, because I really did look up to her when I was a little girl, it was awkward to me."

Drew admits that doing reality TV was awkward as she has never just been herself on camera. 

"I'm used to script," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I know what I said and [now I’m] like, OK, this scene here, I’m like, what all did they capture? It’s, like, long scenes at times … [and] that is a little worrisome. But, I feel really good about it because I'm being super open, super real and it’s a journey -- and everyone’s going to witness that. So, as scary as that is, I am truly here for it."

Photo Credit: Bravo Media; Instagram/LaToya Ali