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D’Andra Simmons Is Worried About Memory Loss After Battling COVID-19!

D’Andra Simmons admits she is worried about the long-term side effects of having COVID-19.

“I’m really scared about the fatigue because … I’m having a hard time sleeping,” the Real Housewives of Dallas star recently told Page Six. “So then if I don’t sleep, I can’t get the rest I need for healing. And also the body aches are lingering. As far as the memory loss, I haven’t had as much of that as my husband has, but that’s my biggest fear in the world, is losing my cognitive ability.”

Recovering the virus has led her to make a product, which is currently in the development stage, to help with cognitive functions.

“A lot of people that have been through COVID like myself, have noticed the cognitive decline, the memory loss,” she said.

The Bravo reality star eventually found some humor with the illness. “I will tell you the silver lining for me for COVID, you’re going to laugh your head off,” she said. “So, of course, I gained that quarantine 15, 20 like everybody else, I sat home and ate the whole time. So I plumped up. You can see that on the show. But then now having COVID I lost the COVID 15, 20!”

Photo Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock