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Bravo “Revisiting” A “Potential Return” Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Miami’ — Reboot Cast Could Include Phil Collins Ex Orianne Cevey And Latin Superstar Paulina Rubio!

According to sources, The Real Housewives of Miami may get a reboot and return to Bravo in the near future.

Bravo is “revisiting” the series and is in “preliminary conversations for a potential return,” according to Page Six.

The reboot could include some former cast members, as well as Phil Collins’ ex-wife Orianne Cevey — who has been going through a long series of legal proceedings with the singer over his multimillion-dollar Miami manse.

Sources said that the cast of the reboot could also include Latin singer Paulina Rubio.

Back in November, Andy Cohen revealed on the “Everything Iconic” podcast that he was trying to get NBCUniversal — which owns Bravo — to pick up a new season of the show for the NBCUniversal streaming service, Peacock.

“I have really been trying to get Peacock to pick up Miami,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this. I don’t know where we are with that. I have to say the fans of Miami are still very vocal, and so I’ve been an advocate for Peacock bringing back Miami.”

RHOM made its debut in February 2011 - the original cast consisted of Lea Black, Adriana de Moura, Alexia Echevarria, Marysol Patton, Larsa Pippen, and Cristy Rice. Pippin and Rice left the show, and Lisa Hochstein, Joanna Krupa, Ana Quincoces, and Karent Sierra joined the cast for seasons 2 and 3.

Last year, Cohen revealed the reason why Bravo canceled the series after three seasons. On April 17, 2020, Bravo aired an all-day marathon of the third and final season of The Real Housewives of Miami for their "Stay Home with Bravo" specials amid the coronavirus pandemic. During the marathon, many fans of the series questioned why it was canceled, while others were pleading the network to bring back the show.

Andy Cohen addressed the topic of the show's cancellation in a series of video clips via his Instagram Stories. Cohen was watching the series and said,  “It looks like a well-lit telenovela,” he shared. “The women are so beautiful. And the men and Miami. People ask me about Miami all the time and say will you ever bring it back?”

“The reason that we let it go was, I remember the ratings went down toward the end of the season,” he recalled. “Which never happens. Like it went down for the reunion, and if it’s going down toward the end that’s just never a good sign. But anyway, I hear your love all the time and really appreciate the show and the women.”

The Real Housewives executive producer notes that Adriana de Moura has arrived during a scene he was watching during the marathon. Cohen said that de Moura was going to cause some s**t. “You know it,” he adds. “And mama Elsa got sick and dropped out so that was a big hit for the show, it was … it just ended.”

In 2016, Andy Cohen confirmed that RHOM was in fact canceled. However, the Watch What Happens Live host revealed that the door is not shut close on the series. “Who knows?” Andy admitted at that time. “Never say never. I mean, right now it’s kind of dead in the water, but who knows?”

Andy revealed back in 2016 that RHOM simply didn’t work out. And in his latest book, he wrote “I knew the first question was going to be when is Real Housewives of Miami coming back and I said, ‘Never say never.’ But I could see from the women’s faces that they didn’t believe me and then I kind of didn’t believe me, but I was getting nostalgic for them.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Orianne Cevey/Instagram; Paulina Rubio/Instagram