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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Shares New Update On Her Relationship With Husband Sean Burke And Clarifies ‘Heartbroken’ Comment She Made About Him Possibly Dating Someone Else; Says “We Want To Have An Open Marriage And We Want To Be Able To Do It Honestly”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is sharing a new update on her relationship with husband Sean Burke. The Real Housewives of Orange County star addresses the comment she made that she would be heartbroken if her husband started seeing someone else. 

If you recall, Braunwyn came out as a lesbian and is currently in a relationship with girlfriend Kris. While she got slammed on social media over her comment, she sets the record straight about Sean possibly dating.

“Dating someone and falling in love and starting a new life are two very different things. If Sean dated someone, that’s great. I support that. I think he should be,” she told Us Weekly. “If Sean fell in love and started a new life, started a new family, yes that would be heartbreaking. We’ve been together 26 years. We’ve been together since we were children. And I think that people kind of forget that it’s not just that we’re married, we’ve been together since we were kids. We are family. We are each other’s people. We are closer to each other than anyone else. Would that hurt? I’m not talking about losing the marriage, I’m talking about losing my best friend, my person that’s been with me since I was 18. So yes, I would be heartbroken. Does that say that I don’t want to be happy? Of course, I do. I think it would be weird if I wasn’t heartbroken if my husband of 26 years fell in love with someone else.”

The Bravo reality star admits that Sean has dated other people since she came out as a lesbian in December, but claims that “nothing serious” has come up yet.

“I think anyone in our positions would know that things are going to have to change, but it doesn’t mean it’s not hard,” Windham-Burke said. She wouldn’t confirm whether her relationship with her husband is now strictly platonic, noting that she wants to keep certain things to herself.

“This is me trying to balance the feelings and emotion of two people I really care about, and I think trying to keep some things private is a big part of that,” she told Us Weekly. Still, the couple has “no plans” to divorce and are working on trying to find a way to stay together.

“We want to have an open marriage and we want to be able to do it honestly and not have our feelings hurt. I am very open with him. I have big fears of abandonment from when I was a child. So my jealousy, my things, we’re working on them,” she said. “We’re working on them so that we can get to a healthy place. I do think we’re going to get there. I really do, because we have the communication, we have the trust, we have a great therapist and we both have a similar goal for our future, which is sitting there in Hawaii, watching our grandkids play.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Braunwyn Windham-Burke