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Tamra Judge Reveals Her ‘RHOC’ Dream Cast And Explains Why She Thinks There’s Going To Be “A Big Shakeup” For Season 16! Plus She Teases ‘RHOC’ Season 15 Reunion Cameo Appearance; Says “The Reunion Is Going To Be Better Than The Entire Season”

Tamra Judge reveals she made a surprising appearance in the upcoming Real Housewives of Orange County season 15 reunion taping.

The mother-of-four, who appeared on the series from season 2 to 14, revealed she was contacted during the recent reunion taping.

“I did get a phone call during the reunion … You might see it,” Tamra teased on The Weekly Scoop With CJ via Instagram Live, noting that she’s gotten “feedback” about how the taping went. 

“I think the reunion is going to be better than the entire season,” she said, according to Us Weekly.

Judge a teased about a possible return to the show after she was mentioned throughout the current season of RHOC. 

“I have not gotten a formal offer yet. And if I do get a formal offer, I’m not telling anybody. … I’m just gonna walk on,” she quipped via Instagram Live, noting that former bestie Shannon “better hope I don’t come back.”

Judge added that she’s still in contact with Gina Kirschenheiter and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She also shared her dream RHOC cast. 

“Dream cast [would be] Heather [DuBrow], Vicki [Gunvalson], Shannon — just because I want to give her a piece of my mind — Braunwyn and Gina,” she said. “I think that would be a really good cast. And Meghan [King] too. I really like Meghan, but Meghan doesn’t live in Orange County anymore.”

Judge beleives the show may get a cast shakeup for season 16. “I do think there’s going to be a shakeup. A big shakeup. … I only see clips on Instagram, the highlights and I see the comments,” she noted. “There’s no shortage of story line on [Braunwyn]. She’s not going anywhere. I don’t [think Emily or Elizabeth will return].”

Tamra added that she’ll “be curious to see what happens” with Kelly Dodd after she made headlines for her controversial coronavirus comments.

“The viewers and the public have been very vocal. It’s one of those things — sometimes she is good TV and then there’s that other part,” she said, before referring to Kelly as “evil.”

When asked who she thinks is the most “real,” Tamra added, “I think that Gina is extremely real. I feel like Gina is who she is. I don’t feel like she’s calculated. … I feel like Shannon is very self-produced. Kelly is real, what you see is what you get. … I think Braunwyn is real. I think that she exposes a lot, I think that she has a lot going on in her life.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal