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RHOV’s Mary Zilba Says She’s “Contemplating” On Releasing New Music!

Mary Zilba celebrated the sixth anniversary of when her hit single "Hero" landed #1 in the U.K. charts.

While reflecting on an important milestone in her music career, the former Real Housewives of Vancouver star revealed that she is in fact returning to music as she has plans to release an EP with cover songs.

"6 years ago I was so honored and absolutely shocked when my song “Hero” went to #1 in the UK on the iTunes chart and video chart. Thank you to the UK for all your love and support. This was such an incredible highlight of my musical career and I’m so grateful💫," she wrote.

Then, the mother-of-three teased about the possibility of releasing new music. "I have been recently contemplating coming out with some new music and have been thinking of recording an EP of cover songs too!"

She urged her followers to give her ideas of songs that she should release cover songs. "Please feel free to leave me a message on any songs from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s that you think would be a great song for me to cover 🎤🎼 Music has always been my passion and creative outlet and after this year, I think it’s time to get back in the studio!"

She concluded by thanking the team that helped her create her hit single, "Hero." 

"Thank you to @adamhxoxo, Jerry and Vic for writing such a beautiful song about my son with me... Again - thank you UK!!!! 🥰@chasezilba #hero #itunes #xoxoentertainment #UK," she wrote.

Prior to RHOV, Zilba released two albums, Out of the Blue in 1999 and Fly in 2003. Since appearing on RHOV, Mary has released the single "Hero" in 2012, a Christmas EP, which she collaborated with Roy & Rosemary called "A Timeless Christmas" in 2013, and the last single she released was "Are You Sorry Now" in 2014.

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Photo Credit: Mary Zilba/Instagram