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RHOT’s Jana Webb Pens Emotional Tribute To Her Grandmother After Her Death!

Jana Webb is mourning the loss of her grandmother. The Real Housewives of Toronto star shared the sad news in an emotional post on Instagram.

"I leave Alberta with a heavy heart. My grandma’s health took a turn for the worse and I may have said my goodbyes and I love you’s for the last time," she wrote. "We never got to celebrate her 100th bday back in May because of Covid but at least I got to see her in August when I was last home." 

She continued, "Yesterday the care center let us in to say our goodbyes. My grandma is such a special lady with the kindest soul. My eyes are filled with tears as I write this - as I fear I won’t see her again. This post is a reminder to cherish and love our elders- they have so much wisdom, so many stories and we can learn so much from them."

She added, "So take the time to care and be curious about them and their lives as we are who we are because of them. I love you Grandma and your words back to me ‘ I love you Jana’ will echo in my heart forever❤️."

Many Real Housewives stars showed their love and support to Jana in the comment section of her emotional post.

RHOV's Ronnie Negus wrote, "Beautiful post. Blessings to you and your grandmother. 100 is quite a milestone ♥️🙏🏻 Thank you for sharing and for the beautiful reminder. Xx."

Grego Minot simply wrote, "♥️"

Joan Kelley Walker commented, "I’m truly so sorry to hear this I know how close you are with her."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jana and her family during this difficult time. 

Photo Credit: Slice/Corus Entertainment