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RHOT’s Jana Webb Pens Emotional Letter To Her Late Grandmother!

Jana Webb took to her Instagram to honor her late grandmother in a touching letter she wrote her, during the same time as her funeral, which she couldn't attend due to the pandemic. The Real Housewives of Toronto alum wrote the following:

"I’m writing this post at the same time as my Grandma’s funeral - That I’m not at - nor could I be at along with the rest of my brothers, sisters and cousins," she began, which Jana shared a series of photos and video clips of her late grandmother in the post. "For the 100’s of thousands of you that have lost someone during Covid and could not have the closure deserved - my heart aches for you as I’m experiencing this first hand. In lieu of us being there we all got to write something to be shared at the funeral. This is what my dad was going to read for me :

"Dear Grandma, Grandma, I would love to say that I got got my cooking and baking skills from you , but this just isn’t true hahaha (we all know I can’t cook:). Although like the rest of the family I will remember your cooking (especially those pickles) for the rest of my life, there is so much more," she conitnued. "Grandma You are a legacy. Besides all of your gardening , baking , knitting, homemakers skills and of course your faith , what you leave behind is generations of children, grand , great and great great children who will CARE for others , be KIND and live from a place of UNSELFISHNESS because this is the beautiful human you were. You lived everyday of your life in service for others - this is what I have learned the most from you and will continue to practice in my day to day- in honour of your legacy," adding, "I love you Grandma. I miss you so much. God Bless You ❤️🙏."

She concluded, "I’m going to put the readings from my mom, dad and siblings in my stories . #ripgrandma"

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jana and her family during this difficult time. 

Photo Credit: Slice/Corus Entertainment; Instagram/Jana Webb