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Meghan King And Christian Schauf Address Their Split!

Meghan King and Christian Schauf called it quits after dating for six months. Now, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum and the businessman opened up about their breakup.

Schauf claimed that the two remain on “good terms.”

On Monday, E! News reported that Schauf broke up with King because he “couldn’t take all the social media and public attention.”

However, Schauf told us the article is “pretty inaccurate.”

“I’ve never had any problem with any form of publicity,” he told Page Six. “We lead very different lives and knew that when we met. Sometimes this happens. I wish nothing but the best for Meghan and the kids and we’re on good terms.”

King also confirmed the breakup to us on Monday and addressed it on her Instagram Story, writing that she and Schauf “decided to part ways in the most loving and healthy way.”

“We just got off the phone laughing at how to ‘announce’ this,” she continued, “and he suggested some cute, sappy breakup quote. I agreed so here ya go!”

Along with the quote, which encourages people to take a moment, not be too hard on yourself and grow from your experiences, she added, “I experienced a beautiful relationship that blossomed before it ended and I will always hold him in the highest regard and with the utmost respect.”

Meghan also spoke out about her split from Schauf in an emotional blog post. The former Bravo reality star promoted her blog in a recent Instagram post.

“They say all good things must end but I don’t believe that,” King wrote in an emotional blog post on Monday, November 30 via her personal blog. “After a terrible split from my ex-husband I learned how to heal. I then met and dated a wonderful man: Christian. We laughed, went on adventures, made a long-distance relationship a thing of beauty, grew together, and then … well, we grew apart.”

“I think people come into our lives for a reason and Christian was no exception.  With him my soul reawakened my dormant adventurous spirit and I remembered what it felt like to love myself and be loved,” she wrote. “Writing this makes me feel a flood of emotions as I replay our relationship highlights in my head.  I wish things could’ve been different in many ways but alas, things are the way they are…  just as we stood together just a short time ago, we now stand apart.”

“I wish nothing but an abundance of love and happiness in his life and I know he wishes the same for me,” she continued. “You see, a beautiful love can exist – and then cease to exist – after a terrible storm and things can still be okay.”

“This is life, these things happen.  So I put on our big girl pants, take a deep breath, take a little time to mourn, take a lot of a time to reflect, and take forever to smile back on a beautiful experience of growth.  And tomorrow the sun will rise again,” she added. “So must all good things end?  Nah, girl, I’m just getting started.”

Photo Credit: Christian Schauf/Instagram