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Mary Zilba Pays Tribute To Her Late Mother In A Touching Instagram Post!

Mary Zilba honored her late mother, Carole Juliana Bauer Zilba, in a touching Instagram post. 

"One year ago today on Thanksgiving Day 2019, this picture was taken with my beautiful Mother. She was so vivacious and full of life and had said this was her favourite Thanksgiving holiday ever," the Real Housewives of Vancouver alum wrote. "I was so happy to have made it back home to Ohio to celebrate our most treasured American holiday with my large family."

"I grew up in a Catholic household and holidays were always extra special for us and my mother made sure that we always celebrated the holidays with an abundance of love, laughter and the reminder of the presence of God in our lives and the remembrance of how blessed we all were to have been family and have each other," she shared. "Today, one year later, I am lost in sadness, as it is our first Thanksgiving without my mother...the day just seems surreal."

"Due to the pandemic, like so many others, I decided to stay in Vancouver instead of risking traveling to see my family, although we so needed this year to all be together for support , especially my father," she continued. "My heart is with all of those like me who are not with their loved ones today...these are trying times."

"So, instead I am celebrating the holiday just with my son’s and will be setting a place at the table for my Mama - who I know will be with us today," she added. "May God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving #loveyoumom ❤️🍁🌈💫"

As previously reported, the Singer and mother-of-three shared in March 2020 the sad news on her Instagram page. "IN LOVING MEMORY of my beloved mama taken to soon... Thank you all for your countless prayers for my beautiful mother," she wrote.

"Very Sadly however, after the most courageous fight of her life for over two weeks in 2 different hospitals, God took her away from us. As she gave us our first breath, all of her children stood by her bedside as she took her last," she continued. "We are simply gutted and words can never describe the pain and loss we are feeling right now. This simply shouldn’t have happened to her. It’s the most difficult part to accept when what should have been routine surgery, went tragically wrong. Surgeon slip up damaged her heart and ultimately took her life. We are in a state of shock and can’t seem to grasp the harsh reality of what happened to her."

"I will miss you everyday of my life mama - I love you beyond my words and will always remember your elegance, kindness, vitality and the unconditional love you showered on everyone you ever met - especially your children."

"I wish God would have granted you that miracle we were all praying for because you 100% deserved one," she added. "With your devout faith and service to God your entire life, I will forever be confused. I need to figure out a way to understand it all as it has shaken my faith a bit. I guess for now I have to accept that heaven just couldn’t wait any longer to call you back home ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️," she concluded.

In the post, Zilba shared multiple photos of her mother as well as a newspaper article about her mother's passing. Carole passed away on February 26, 2020. The article states that she “transitioned after a courageous fight following complications during an elective cardio surgery.”

She is survived by her husband George, sister Dorothy Dunco, children: Juliana Furay (Rick), Jeffrey (Leslie), Mary, George, Gregory (Stacey), Lisa, Joey (Betsy). She has 16 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and extended family member Michael Militano.

Services were held in Sylvania, Ohio. Also, donations were made in her honor to Christ Child Society and Central Catholic High School.

Photo Credit: Slice, Mary Zilba/Instagram