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Mary Cosby Allegedly Calls Congregation ‘Poor’ For ‘Stingy’ Birthday Gift In Leaked Audio!

Mary Cosby continues to make headlines, however, this time is surrounding her Pentecostal church. 

In a new alleged leaked audio, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City called her congregation “poor” when the church received a lower amount of expected tithes and offerings after a Sunday service.

The recording begins with Cosby allegedly saying, “Coming in here draining me, I ain’t preaching over ya’ll’s sins, I’m doing everything else, ya’ll ain’t helping.”

She added, “Halfway pay your tithes, I got 14 birthday cards, your old stingy self! You old poor people, I don’t want no poor people around me, you’re poor as h*ll. And if you ain’t poor, you stingy, so you still poor. God said you was poor….”

Mary inherited her grandmother’s fortune, which included Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, by marrying her grandmother’s second husband, Rober Cosby, Sr.

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal