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Kenya Moore Shares An Update On Her Relationship With Husband Marc Daly; Says “You’ll Have To Watch The Show To Figure Out Where We End Up”

Kenya Moore is sharing an update on her relationship with her husband Marc Daly.

The couple secretly got married in June 2017 and welcomed daughter Brooklyn in November 2018 and split the following September. 

However, Moore teased that the two may be working on rebuilding their marriage during a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

“We are trying to navigate this whole thing with us being separated and the fact that we have a young child together,” Moore said, according to Us Weekly. “Our priority is always going to be Brooklyn, and I put her first, and if that means that we have to celebrate Thanksgiving together or Christmas together or throw her birthday parties together, then that’s what it’ll be because she is everything to me, and I would sacrifice anything for her.”

When Williams asked Moore whether she is “still in love” with Daly, the former Miss USA winner explained that their relationship is “constantly evolving.”

“We were headed down the road of divorce, and you’ll have to watch the show to figure out where we end up,” she said. “But with Marc, I’ll always have love for him because he gave me the most beautiful gift that anyone could’ve given me in my entire life, and that’s Brooklyn.”

In a separate interview, the Bravo reality star got candid about the state of her marriage to Daly. When asked what's the biggest conflict between her and Daly, Moore said: “Um, well the biggest issue and what I’ve found early on in the marriage is the lack of respectful communication. I am very big on talking and not fighting and just explaining things so we can get to an understanding,” she told Essence. “He is not of that same mindset. If someone is hurting, a lot of times they express themselves in a kind of disrespectful way, versus a way that is conducive to getting to an understanding. For me, that doesn’t work. When it comes to someone that I love, I don’t hit below the belt. I don’t fight people that I love. I know it may be hard to believe because I’m on this show and I don’t mind going up against these girls. But when it comes to my family, I don’t do that. That’s kind of been a major factor in our relationship that makes me shut down. I just will not tolerate a certain type of communication.”

“I’ve been on TV and on reality TV for a long time. But he has not. So when hears other people in his circle say things, or insert their opinions, that might make him feel a very different way. [It might] make him angry that he is not presenting his best self, and that can be frustrating. He’s not the star, he is my support system,” she continued. “And it’s not something that he really wants to do, but he allowed himself to be on TV to support me. But at the same time, [he has] to take accountability for his behavior. If you are angry or disappointed, that needs to be addressed and not acted out on camera. [He’s] struggling to strike a balance between supporting his wife, and doing something that he doesn’t really want to do. It’s not his nature, he doesn’t really love the spotlight, but here he is married to someone who is in the spotlight.”

She added, “How do we make it work for our family without tearing our family apart? I mean, that’s just one layer to it,” she told Essence. “We’re not even adding in issues that a newlywed couple would have, or a couple that, you know, trying to make a long distance marriage work with businesses in multiple cities. And we’re not adding those intricate layers to, um, you know to the batch. So, it’s complicated.”

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal