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Kenya Moore Opens About Her Reconciliation With Marlo Hampton And Fallout With Porsha Williams! Plus Kenya Shades Drew Sidora As She Compares Her To Kim Fields; Calls Her “Thirsty” And Says “Drew Is Just Parched, Honey”

Kenya Moore is opening up about her current relationships with Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams and reveals how she really feels about new cast member Drew Sidora.

Following the exits of NeNe Leakes and Eva Marcille, the dynamics in the group changed. Moore admitted that she reconciled with Hampton, which will play out later this season on RHOA.

"I think that I am always -- and have always -- been a very forgiving person," Kenya told Entertainment Tonight, "but you have to work to get that forgiveness, meaning apologize and then, changed behavior. That's all I've ever really asked of someone who is sincere, and we had a moment where we had a very sincere and honest conversation after, obviously, dueling it out all [last] season and, you know, I have to say, it's very -- It's one of the highlights of the entire season."

While she made amends with Hamptons, the same cannot be said about her relationship with Porsha Williams.

"For three years, I considered her friend," Kenya shared. "I was very supportive. I remember going to her baby shower, reaching out to her -- even when she had her spin-off, I was tweeting about it. I was sharing her joy with her and I actually had love for her. So, for her to turn on me when NeNe came back -- I think the fans and everyone saw that."

"[The] things that she's doing to me, especially this season, is just, it's just really disgusting," she said. "When people don't want to be friends with you because they feel threatened, or they feel a certain way that they don't want you to be bigger than them… I think that is really what comes into play, and that's a page out of NeNe's book, honestly -- and she's been taking a lot of pages out of Nene's book lately, and not in a good way."

"The attitude, the showing up three hours late to the set, the demanding of certain things happen [and] footage being taken out because she doesn't like the way that she looks," Kenya conitnued, "you know, that's kind of NeNe behavior. So, unfortunately, yeah, we have a little NeNe, Jr. on our set."

Moore also reveals how she feels about the show's new additions of new cast members Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali. While she gushes about Ali, she makes it clear that she doesn't feel the same way about Sidora, to which she compares her to former cast member Kim Fields.

"LaToya is amazing," Kenya gushes. "She's refreshing. She's a little spitfire. She’s sexy. She's just energetic. She has a unique energy, and I absolutely adore what she brings to the show. We also had another friend of the show, Falynn [Guobadia], who is an absolutely stunning, fabulous wife. Very wealthy. Her husband adores her. I really hope to see more of her. If not this season, next season for sure she should be holding a peach."

Moore then explains why Sidora reminds her of Fields. "I loved Kim Fields -- even though I didn't treat her like I loved her -- I loved her as the icon that she is, but on the show, being the actress, I believe that it just wasn't genuine," she shares. "Like, she wasn't telling her authentic story, and … I kind of get the same vibe from Drew."

Kenya qualifies that statement by saying that Drew is "a little more thirsty than Kim."

"Kim wasn't thirsty," she added. "You know, Drew is just parched, honey. She is doing everything she can."

Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal