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Former ‘RHONY’ Friend Jennifer Gilbert’s Ex-Husband Secretly Recorded Their Nanny Having Sex For Nearly Two Years, Lawsuit Claims!

Jennifer Gilbert’s Bennett Egeth ex-husband is accused of secretly recorded their nanny for nearly two years. If you recall, Gilbert appeared as a ‘friend’ during season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Apparently, the au pair was filmed in the nude and having sex with her then-boyfriend, according to court documents via Page Six.

Daniela De Los Rios alleges she took care of Jennifer Gilbert and the Wall Street investor’s children while living in a spare room in their Tribeca house from Jan. 18, 2019 through Sept. 17, 2020 — only to discover a camera had been set up in her bedroom, her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit says.

De los Rios allegedly discovered on Aug. 26 when Egeth put his iPad down and she saw a live feed of her bedroom. This prompted her to look for a camera — and she discovered that a digital clock in her room “apparently concealed the secret video recording device, aimed at her bed,” claims the court papers, which was filed on Tuesday.

De los Rios slept naked in the room and even had sex with her then-boyfriend there — all of which could be seen by the camera, the court documents claim.

“Unbeknownst to her, defendant Egeth watched her undress, enter her bed naked, and exit her bed naked in the morning, during those 600 consecutive days and nights,” the suit charges.

The discovery “horrified and traumatized” her, says court documents.

De los Rios reported the situation to the cops, who arrested Egeth a few days later on Sept. 17, and seized his iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, the court papers say.

Prosecutors found 11 video clips of De los Rios on his iCloud account, the criminal complaint alleges.

Egeth was charged with unlawful surveillance, according to the complaint. His case is still pending, according to court records.

As for Gilbert, she has not been criminally charged. She told the publication that she has been separated from Egeth for seven years and divorced him this spring.

But immediately after Egeth’s arrest, De los Rios claims both parents began harassing her — despite cops warning them not to have any more contact with her, her court documents say.

“Defendants continued to berate her for calling the police and threatened: ‘Just let you know this won’t end up well!'” the court documents allege.

“Ignoring the instructions of the NYPD officers, Defendants have engaged in a campaign of harassment and intimidation against Ms. de los Rios that began moments after the arrest and NYPD officers’ instructions to Defendants not to contact her,” the suit claims via Page Six.

De los Rios is seeking unspecified damages from the pair, and is asking a court to order any photos or videos of her to be turned over and for the parents to be barred from sharing them.

Egeth’s criminal defense attorney, David Touger, said, “We have not seen the civil case yet but assuming the content is the same as the criminal charges, we deny all allegations.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock; WireImage