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Eboni K. Williams Reveals She’s “Looking Forward To Representing Black Excellence” On RHONY And Teases Upcoming Season 13 Drama; Says “Buckle Up, Strap In, Get Ready For A Hell Of A Roller Coaster”

Eboni K. Williams, the first Black cast member to join The Real Housewives of New York City, reveals what viewers can expect from her in the upcoming new season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“[It’s] a huge honor and a huge responsibility,” Eboni told HollywoodLife about being cast as the show’s first Black housewife. “What is this Black woman perspective or vibe or energy going to be like after not having that on RHONY? I consider it a really beautiful and gracious privilege. They could’ve picked anybody, so the fact that that honor was bestowed upon me, I feel very special and just am really looking forward to representing black excellence.”

Williams said she was enjoying getting to know the other housewives on a “deeper, personal” level. “New York is big, New York is small,” she began. “I’ve been around LuAnn [de Lesseps] the most at a few different charity events [and] I kind of started hanging out with Leah [McSweeney] over the summer.” Eboni also revealed that they were about half way through filming season 13, and teased some of the upcoming drama.

“The only thing I can tease is Ramona [Singer] is Ramona. Nobody’s walking on egg shells. I can tell you there’s been a little bit of concern around that,” she told HollywoodLife. “Frankly, if we’re being candid with me being the first Black Real Housewife [of New York] ‘Oh, are people going to feel comfortable being themselves? Are people going to be afraid of being perceived as racist and all of these things?’ I can understand under normal circumstances where that [concern] would come from — RHONY ain’t no normal circumstances, baby.” She added that her fellow cast members weren’t “afraid to say s**t.”

She continued, “These are some grown ass women and that’s how we approach it. So, all of the drama that is expected or anticipated, it’s just a natural collision of what happens when you put five dynamos together … so you guys can buckle up, strap in, get ready for a hell of a roller coaster,” she concluded.

Photo Credit: Eboni K. Williams/Instagram