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Drew Sidora Reveals She And Husband Ralph Pittman Are ‘Actively’ In Marriage Counseling!

Drew Sidora opened up about where her relationship stands with her husband Ralph Pittman after the pair had a brief separation earlier this year. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared that they are currently going to marriage counseling.

“It was unexpected. My husband, before filming, he left for three days and I truly didn’t know where he was,” she told Us Weekly. “My mom had a front seat to all of it. So, I’m involving her in that way.”

Sidora explained that her marriage ups and downs will play out during the new season of the show, including their “breaking points” in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I had just gone through three surgeries. It was really hard for me,” she said. “Having multiple surgeries, him being my caregiver, my mom living with us … It was a lot. And that’s what happened.”

Sidora added: “Throughout the season, you’ll see us kind of working on issues that we may have put on the back burner. And now being in this position, we’re forced to have these hard conversations and really deal with the issues in our marriage.”

She noted that being on RHOA has “really put our marriage in perspective” and changed how she wants to be seen by her family.

“I find myself having, just to put on a strong face for [my kids],” she said. “To act like this is normal and really deep down inside, I was going through it emotionally.”

Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Sidora revealed that the couple is “dedicated to our marriage” and that has led to counseling.

“I mean, my husband, as you will meet Ralph Pittman, he is, you know, a character. He just says whatever he feels. And this marriage counselor, he really respects,” she told Us Weekly. “And I think she’s really been helping both of us to see each other’s perspective. We are actively in counseling now.”

Photo Credit: Drew Sidora/Instagram